My name is Artemis

I am a person-centered counsellor.

I am happy you are here!

In the heart of person-centered therapy is You. In the warm, accepting and non judgmental space of our communication stories may be told in safety, emotions may be explored freely and solutions may be born out of the personal insights and choices you make along the way. As a person centered therapist i am here to be your companion and facilitator in this.

About Me

My love for psychology has been strong ever since I can remember myself. It was this deep love that led me to educate and train as a psychologist and psychotherapist by completing the Bsc in Applied Psychology of the University of Central Lancashire and the Msc of Counselling and Person Centered Psychotherapy of the University of Strathclyde.

The love for psychology has always been entwined in me with the love for Nature. The trust in the therapeutic effect of nature has led me to the world of ecopsychology and to studying with the Hellenic Ecopsychology Society towards becoming an ecotherapist.

My approach is an integration of traditional person centered practice and nature-based counselling imbued by a deep respect and acceptance for your personal journey and needs.


Years in field


Years in Nature Based Counselling


Online Counselling for adults

One to one online sessions to facilitate personal development and to assist in times of challenges, change or grief.

Group facilitation (online & in person)

Sessions of 5-10 participants, facilitated in the way of a person-centered encounter, where personal and group processes are supported and explored in a safe and nurturing space.

Nature Based Counselling

Sessions taking place in nature with the support of nature. (eg walk and talk, forest bathing)

Solo Time in Nature Retreats

Short or multi-day group retreats designed to bring you in contact with yourself and your potential tapping on the transformative power of nature.


"Self in Nature"


Musings and articles on psychology, nature based therapy and the person centered approach.

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Let’s talk

Would you like to enter a supportive and confidential therapeutic relationship? Are you seeking to connect deeper with yourself and other people through meaningful interactions? Are you curious about the element of nature in therapy and how it may enrich your life and insights? You can access me through email or the contact box below and I will be happy to respond the soonest possible.

Artemis Blatsi | Άρτεμις Μπλατσή


Polidrosos, Fokida,

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